The unicorns were just the beginning!

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Wow, what an experience!

It had been 4 hours since the game day event started. Our team was busy hacking away on our AWS playground account.

We needed unicorns, and we needed them fast! (AWS Game Day is unicorn themed).

This AWS style learning experience is called AWS Game Day. It is a really fun way to learn AWS and practice building amazing applications and products at the same time.

My team was a team of 4. …

Have you ever wondered what to learn next on AWS? Do you ever feel lost with your head in the clouds?

Then step no further than AWS Amplify. It will help you build great applications, learn the newest AWS technologies, and connect all of the dots.

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Here are 3 amazing ways that AWS Amplify can help guide you in your quest to conquer AWS services and increase your development productivity three fold.

1. Keep up with the latest and greatest in AWS

AWS Amplify has incredible features that will point you directly to where AWS and the cloud is going. These technologies are at the forefront of the newest cloud…

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I fell in love. It was a beautiful and cloudy day. Heres how it happened.

It all started when…

I became obsessed with frontend development — React and React Native to be exact.

I had already been obsessed with AWS for years at that point, which also happened to start on a beautiful and cloudy day (funny cloudy coincidence). Since that day years ago, I have enjoyed nothing more than filling my whole waking moment developing and building on AWS. Note: My family and friends are super important to me too— hey kids!


Fast forward. Amplify enters the scene and drops the mic.


For free and without breaking a sweat

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AWS has been evolving rapidly since its inception. Since its “humble” beginnings with Simple Queue Service (SQS), it has moved into almost every corner and space in the world. Heck, AWS is now even in the space sector — with the release of AWS Ground Station in 2018.

The pace of AWS seems nonstop, because it is. As a technologist, you want to keep up. You want to be an expert in the cloud domain, but the domain keeps getting larger and larger, at a faster and faster pace.

Here are 4 easy (and free) ways to keep up with…

My ode to nonprofit Hackathons

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I enjoy hackathons. Well, thats an understatement. I really, really enjoy hackathons. They are exhilarating and mind-numbing. They are coding experiences like no other.

This includes but is not limited to 1) shameful perils of debugging, 2) shameless cutting of corners, 3) banging your head on the table, and 4) scratching your head and cheering at the exact same time. One of many impossible combinations only found in hackathons.

Chaos and more chaos

Chaos. Glimmers of hope. Actually, just more chaos. Hackathons come in all shapes and sizes. Some are half-day, full-day, or mutli-day. Some are virtual, in-person, national, or global. Some are company-wide…

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Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service that enables customers to build APIs at scale. It is simple to use and easy to manage when you want to easily build a front-door to your application. Quickly connect your API with over 50 AWS services, ranging from AWS Lambda to AWS Transcribe. It has several key features that make it a powerful force to be reckoned with. These features give you true flexibility and developer power by keeping your application tier separate from the validation, security, and standardization logic. This keeps your application safer and more resilient under heavy load…

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A typical story: You want to build on AWS API Gateway so that your applications have highly scalable and managed REST APIs. You need a front door for your users or other applications to interact with your application. You need to authenticate your API, so you go with the default “out of the box” option: AWS_IAM. Everything is quickly set up and the POC works fine. You are ready to onboard your first user/service. But wait…

AWS API Gateway is a super simple and intuitive managed service by AWS that can super charge your entire serverless ecosystem. It is the…

Nick Basinger

Developer. Husband. Father. AWS certified x5. Life long learner. Fell in love with the cloud circa 2016.

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